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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 319 | Busprestige Business Van 8+1 | BP.364

BP.364 Sprinter Business Van
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BP.364 – brand new luxurious van in version “BP.BUSINESS VAN”

Mercedes-Sprinter passenger van 8+1 seat. 

Busprestige Elite Manufacturer of Buses & Minibuses

Presenting our van in “BP Business Van” version with seat configuration 8 passenger + 1 driver.

Europe Quality and Design by Busprestige

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter safety bus standard

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter model 319
  • MBUX multimedia system with 10.25-inch touchscreen (code E4M)
  • AGM battery 12 V 92 Ah (code ED4)
  • 7G-TRONIC Plus Automatic Gearbox (codeG42)
  • Auxiliary hot-water heater (code H12)
  • Electric warm air auxiliary heater (code HH2)
  • “Thermotronic” automatic climate control (code HH4)
  • 3,5 tonner (code IT4)
  • Parking package with 360° camera (code JB6)
  • Main tank, 93 litres (code KB7)
  • LED high-performance headlamps (code LG7)
  • Engine OM 642 DE 30 LA 140 kW (190 hp) 3800 rpm (code MG5)
  • Engine version, Euro VI (code MP6)

Busprestige bus safety conversion

Busprestige Saloon Area

  • Thermal and sound isolation, electric installation
  • Interior and roof panelling
  • Windows pillar panelling
  • Driver interior panelling
  • Seat 3P belt, armrest, back table
  • Seat reclining backrest
  • Seat installed on rails
  • Entry standard door
  • Entry powered sliding door
  • Saloon roof and wall LED lights

Busprestige windows

  • Side windows double glazed, tinted
  • Side windows in factory place

Busprestige A/C system, heating system

  • Convector hot-water heater in the saloon area

Busprestige multimedia

  • Multimedia: radio/cd/mp3/microphone
  • Power inverter
  • LCD Monitor
  • Loudspeakers in the saloon area
  • USB sockets (charging)

Busprestige luggage space

  • Saloon head luggage racks with panels
  • The rear  luggage area

Busprestige exterior and limited decoration 

  • Painting parts in body colour

Busprestige certificate and warranty

  • Certificate COC 2007/46/EC
  • Certificate Busprestige conversion
  • Mercedes warranty 2 years unlimited mileage
  • Busprestige warranty 2 years unlimited mileage
  • 1.1 - Thermal and sound insulation
  • 1.2 - Electro installation with control unit
  • 1.3 - Saloon upholstery
  • 1.5 - Saloon LED light
  • 2.0 - SEATS
  • 2.1 - Seat recline backrest
  • 2.2 - Seat with 3P belts
  • 2.3 - Seats rails system
  • 2.4 - Seats VIP version
  • 2.5 - Driver's seat in passenger seats material
  • 3.0 - WINDOWS
  • 3.1 -Double-glazed side windows
  • 3.2 - Tinted windows
  • 3.3 - Side windows standard
  • 3.6 - Single-glazed rear door windows, non heatable
  • 3.8 - Side windows curtains
  • 4.2 - Standard front door
  • 4.5 - Power sliding door right
  • 5.1. - Saloon convecting heaters
  • 5.2. - Water heating system
  • 5.3 - Air heating system
  • 5.4 - Driver air-conditioning system
  • 6.0 - LUGGAGE/BOOT
  • 6.1 - Head luggage racks with panels
  • 6.3 - Rear luggage compartment
  • 6.4 - Wall luggage area
  • 7.0 - AUDIO
  • 7.1 - Radio MBUX system
  • 7.2 - Monitor TV
  • 7.3 - Saloon sound system
  • 7.4 - Rear view camera
  • 7.5 - USB socket
  • 8.2 - Power converter 12/220V
  • 8.3 - Saloon tables (double and single seat)
  • 8.8 - Carbon dashboard parts
  • 8.10 - Bumpers painted in body color

Standard vehicle equipment:

  • 559L Poland
  • 9775 Paint, iridium silver MB 9775
  • A49 Front axle with increased load capacity - Stage I
  • AR1 Axle ratio i = 3,692
  • B25 Electric parking brake
  • BA3 Active Brake Assist System
  • BH1 HOLD function
  • BH8 Control code for hydraulic assembly variant 7
  • BK3 Control code for wheel brake configuration 3
  • C6L Multifunction steering wheel
  • C907
  • CB1 Suspension for comfort and load protection
  • CB7 Stabilisation level I
  • CL1 Height and rake adjustable steering wheel
  • CL3 leather steering wheel
  • CM0 Painted bumper
  • CN2 Radiator grille frame in vehicle colour
  • CT1 Vibration damper
  • CW2 Deletion, vehicle lowering
  • D03 High roof
  • E07 Hill-Start Assist
  • E1B Stowage box/tray for smartphones incl. wireless charging
  • E1D Digital radio (DAB)
  • E1G Live Traffic capability
  • E1U 5 V USB socket
  • E2A Tapping of body manufacturer special signals in cockpit
  • E2M Auxiliary battery for retrofit consumers, engine comp.
  • E2N Control by scopes in NTG6
  • E30 Battery main switch single-pole
  • E36 Disconnecting relais if auxiliary battery
  • E3J Preinstallation for switch panel
  • E43 Trailer socket, 13-pin
  • E4M MBUX multimedia system with 10.25-inch touchscreen
  • ED4 AGM battery 12 V 92 Ah
  • ED8 Preinstallations electrical system, PSM
  • EE1 230 V socket
  • EK1 Terminal strip for electrical connection
  • ES0 Starting aid contact
  • ES2 12 V plug socket in trunk / load compartment
  • ES5 Charging package, dashboard
  • ET4 Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC
  • EX9 Free map data updates for 3 years
  • EY5 Mercedes-Benz emergency call system
  • EY6 Breakdown management
  • F49 Windscreen, heated
  • F61 Rear mirror inside
  • F64 Electrically folding exterior mirrors
  • F68 Exterior mirror heated and electr. adjustable
  • F907
  • FF5 Shelf above windscreen
  • FF8 Single-size slot at front under roof liner
  • FG8 Cup holders front
  • FJ1 Hinged lid for stowage compartment
  • FJ4 Stowage compartment under cockpit
  • FJ5 Folding cover for left and right stowage compartments
  • FK3 Chrome-plated radiator grille
  • FKB Crewbus
  • FY7 Multi-button radio remote control
  • FZ5 Anti-theft alarm system
  • G42 7G-TRONIC Plus
  • H00 Hot/cool air duct to passenger compartment
  • H12 Auxiliary hot-water heater
  • H15 Seat heater for front passenger
  • H16 Seat heater for driver
  • H1I Front-to-rear outlet in instrument panel
  • H21 Heat-insul. glass all-round with band filt. on windshield
  • H22 Back pane heatable
  • HH2 Electric warm air auxiliary heater
  • HH4 "Thermotronic" automatic climate control
  • HI1 Climate zone 1 (cold/comfort)
  • HX1 Refrigerant R-1234yf
  • IC1 Model series C907/C910 Sprinter
  • IE0 Model series C907 VS30 RWD
  • IG4 Standard
  • IG5 Basic
  • IH6 Head unit ECE/RoW
  • IK0 Complete vehicle
  • IL2 Export code
  • IL5 Left-hand drive
  • IL6 Metallic paint
  • IR4 Wheelbase 3665 mm (BM-forming code)
  • IT4 3,5 tonner
  • J10 Speedometer, km/h
  • J55 Seat belt warning system for front passenger seat
  • J58 Seat belt warning for driver's seat
  • J65 Outside temperature display
  • JA7 Blind Spot Assist
  • JA8 Crosswind Assist
  • JB6 Parking package with 360° camera
  • JF1 rain sensor
  • JH3 Communication module (LTE) for digital services
  • JI7 Starting distance for maintenance interval 60,000 km
  • JK5 Instrument cluster with color display
  • K60 Exhaust straight to chassis rear
  • KB7 Main tank, 93 litres
  • KL5 Fuel filter with water separator
  • KP6 SCR Generation 3 exhaust gas cleaning
  • L
  • L13 Fog lamp with cornering light function
  • L22 Partial LED tail lights
  • L94 Omission parking lamp
  • LA2 Headlamp Assist
  • LB1 Side marker lamps
  • LB5 3rd Brake light
  • LB9 Exit lights
  • LC4 Comfort overhead control panel
  • LE1 Adaptive brake lights
  • LG7 LED high-performance headlamps
  • LX5 Europe
  • M40 Alternator 14 V / 200 A
  • MG5 Engine OM 642 DE 30 LA 140 kW (190 hp) 3800 rpm
  • MJ8 ECO start/stop function
  • MP6 Engine version, Euro VI
  • MQ0 OBD (on-board diagnostics) stage D
  • P47 Front mud flaps
  • P48 Mud flaps, rear
  • Q11 Longitudinal member reinforcement
  • Q22 Trailer coupling, rigid coupling head
  • R65 Spare wheel bracket below frame end
  • R87 Spare wheel
  • RD8 Full wheel cover
  • RF1 Make of tyres Continental (10)
  • RH2 Tyres 235/65 R16 C
  • RM7 Summer tyres
  • RR0 Tyres, resistance-optimised
  • RS3 Steel rims 6.5 J x 16
  • RY2 Tyre pressure monitoring at FA and RA, wireless
  • RZ1 Wheel make mefro wheels
  • S22 Armrest for driver's seat
  • S25 Armrest for co-driver's seat
  • S28 Armrest, driver's and co-driver's door
  • S87 Driver's seat frame, low
  • S88 Co-driver's seat frame, low
  • SA5 Airbag, front driver's seat
  • SA6 Airbag, co-driver
  • SB3 Driver's seat, suspension seat
  • SB4 Front passenger seat, suspension seat
  • SE4 Lumbar support for front passenger seat
  • SE5 Lumbar support for driver's seat
  • SH1 Thorax/pelvis side-impact airbag, driver
  • SH2 Thorax/pelvis side-impact airbag, front passenger
  • SH9 Windowbags for driver and front passenger
  • SK0 Convenience head restraint, driver's seat
  • SK1 Convenience head restraint, co-driver
  • SK2 Seat occupancy recognition, driver's seat
  • SZ7 Stowage net, driver seat backrest
  • SZ8 Stowage net, front passenger backrest
  • T16 Sliding door right
  • T55 Electrical operation of sliding door, right
  • T75 Grab handle for driver and front passenger entrance
  • U23 Pre-inst. for seating configuration 2/2/-
  • V35 Covering of wheel house
  • V36 Panelling under roof
  • V39 Plastic floor for people mover
  • V40 Crew cab floor assy
  • V85 Raucherpaket
  • VA1 Panelling in load comp. up to belt rail standard
  • VA7 Stow. comp. w. net in rear doors
  • VF6 black ARTICO man-made leather
  • W02 Van with panorama glazing
  • W16 Window front left, fixed, in sidewall/sliding door
  • W17 Window front right, fixed, in sidew./sliding door
  • W28 Fixed right rear window
  • W34 Sliding window rear left
  • W70 Tinted windows in rear passenger compartment, dark glass
  • W73 Rear door step
  • W78 Window in liftgate/rear-end door with wiper + washer syst.
  • WB9 Control code plant
  • WM3 Control code plant
  • WM4 Control code plant
  • WV0 Control code plant
  • X2S Sprinter Tourer
  • X99
  • XC9 COC papers
  • XG7 without load uprating/derating 3500 kg
  • XM1 Noise abatement measure
  • XM4 Acoustic package
  • XN9 Modification year 9 - II
  • XO5 Digital Owner's Manual
  • XO9 Mercedes-Benz MobiloVan with DSB and GGD
  • XU5 Signs / printed documents, Polish
  • XV0 Control code - Reference mass check
  • XV1 Reference mass of at least 2381 kg required
  • XZ0 Model generation 0
  • Y43 Hydraulic jack
  • Z1M M1 registration
  • Z2E National version for EU - EFTA
  • Z4V Production in Düsseldorf
  • ZM4 Crewbus

Busprestige elite manufacture buses & minibuses, leader on the European market.

Buses are our passion, yours vehicle pleasure. Busprestige with automotive traditions since 2005 is your natural partner for success. Our business is built upon developing long term relationships with our customer. We are offering modern interior bus equipment, extensive vehicle modification using the newest and safety solutions makes your bus a unique vehicle made by professional team of engineers.

The Busprestige Factory is certificated VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz, management system ISO 9001:2015 and Automobile Certification Unit UCA Conformity Production Certificate.

We are keep high standard of quality, sales and after-sales service, which Daimler requires from all manufacture of bus conversion.

Busprestige has European approvals in accordance with Directive 2007/46/EC. Busprestige COC approval ensures, that all Busprestige Minibuses, systems and components meet stringent European Community and worldwide environmental and safety standards on every single Busprestige model.

According to the mission of the Busprestige company, the most important for us is customer satisfaction and trust. We advise our clients on the right choice of bus, interior design and color materials, equipment configuration, technical advice. We always create a unique vehicle body design.
Feel free to contact us at the Busprestige Sales and After-Sales Department.

VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz

Busprestige certyfiakt VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz

Busprestige Top Quality


  • Modern buses. Best Quality. I am very happy with cooperation with Busprestige company. Tiempo Travel - Alex Engel (Espania)
  • We bought the first car from Busprestige. It was a good decision. The bus was made in accordance with the Order and on time. The company provides vehicle service. We are planning next purchases at Busprestige company.Luxtravel Agency - John Smith (UK)
  • Słyszałem dużo pozytywnych opinii o firmie Busprestige. Postanowiłem odwiedzić firmę i zobaczyć jak wygląda ich produkcja. Podobało mi się, że kontrolują jakość na każdym etapie produkcji oraz posiadają własny dział serwisowy. Kupiłem pierwszego bus i jestem bardzo zadowolony. Kolejne busy tylko z Busprestige. Jacek Lechicki - Właściciel Firmy Usługi Transportowe (Polska)
  • Serdeczne podziękowania za dobrze wykonana pracę. Busik wyszedł super.Andrzej Kozłowski - Vipbus (Polska)
  • Ich habe meinen Bus bei der Firma BUSPRESTIGE gekauft und bin von meinem Einkauf sehr zufrieden. Der Bus ist jetzt schon seid 8 Monaten non stop in Einsatz und alles läuft super.Helmut Muller Resien Travel (Österreich)
  • vor einem Jahr haben wir unseren ersten Sprinter Reisebus bei BUSPRESTIGE gekauft jetzt bestellten wir schon den nächsten, einfach eine super qualität, deutschprechender Ansprechpartner und ein sehr guter Service, so eine Firma kann ich vom ganzen Herzen nur empfehlen!Hans Heckmann (Deutschland)
  • Bin Stammkunde bei Firma Busprestige und unsere Busse fahren in der Schweiz. Ich bin mit der verarbeitung und der qualität der Busprestige Busse sehr zufrieden. In dieser Firma bekommen wir immer eine kompetente, ausführliche und sehr freundliche Beratung. Die Bestellung so wie auch die komplette Kaufabwicklung ist TOP!Heinrich Baumann (Schweiz)
  • Wir haben vor 3 Jahren einen neuen Sprinter mit 24 Sitzplätzen für unseren Verein bei BUSPRESTIGE gekauft. Wir sind bis heute mit dem Fahrzeug sehr zufrieden! Die Verarbeitung und Qualität ist super! Besonders hervorheben möchten wir auch die Betreuung der Firma BUSPRESTIGE. Von der Bestellung bis heute hat sich Herr Jaroszewski stets hervorragend um unsere Anliegen gekümmert! Er spricht perfekt deutsch! Diese Firma ist aus unserer Sicht sehr zu empfehlen! Jörg Kohlhepp Geschäftsführer von Zukunft für DICH e.VJörg K

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