Santa Claus is coming to BUSprestige 🚐 🚐 🚐

Limo Van in Xmas Edition designed by Busprestige Design Studio

Busprestige Design Studio – Buses are our passion. We are constantly developing our buildings and therefore the Busprestige Design Studio creates modern buses, minibuses and commercial vehicles. Our conceptual concepts of buses commonly known as busconcept are transformed into real bus constructions. Modern design creates details, an interesting combination of fabrics and materials, while the whole bus development must meet the requirements of functionality and comfort of passengers. The Busprestige Design Studio is able to realize for the customer each individual order for building the vehicle, starting from discussing the client’s vision, consulting, developing a graphic design of the vehicle and its interior to the final result in the form of a dream, unique vehicle.

Busprestige Design Studio – Buses are our passion. 

Enjoy the passion of creation with us.

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