Bespoke Buses Buses are our passion

Mercedes Sprinter economy bus in version BP.Transfer made by Busprestige


“BP TRANSFER” buses are designed for short-distance routes. These vehicles offers great comfort for passengers thanks to their comprehensive seating and trunk capacity. These buses offers great economically balanced solutions.

Mercedes Sprinter bus in version BP.Tourist made by Busprestige


“BP TOURIST” buses are a tourist version, designed for international routes, mainly including tours. They feature economical drive units for vehicles and comfortable interior finishes as well as comfortable seats.

Mercedes Sprinter luxury bus in version BP.Exclusive made by Busprestige


The luxury “BP EXCLUSIVE” buses are designed for VIP passenger transport. This high-end version of buses offers the highest standard, the newest audio technology and modern vehicle design.

Busprestige elite manufacturer of Buses and Minibuses.

We offer bespoke buses using panel van Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter, Iveco, TGE MAN panel vans in configurations of 6 to 24 pax.


Busprestige is a leader in the production of buses and minibuses on the European market. We are a company with traditions dating back to 2005. Our bus vehicle modifications are characterized by high quality and innovation. According to the mission of the Busprestige company, the most important for us is customer satisfaction and trust are of utmost importance. We advise our clients on the right choice of a bus, interior design and color materials, and equipment configuration, and we also provide advice on technical aspects. We always create a unique vehicle body design.

Busprestige pursues goals in line with the Kaizen philosophy. Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement, appreciated today all over the world and is an important pillar of a long-term competitive strategy. In her mind, Busprestige infinitely and regardless of the parameters achieved so far improves its product, doing so with the customer in mind.

The Busprestige company has won numerous awards. Our ISO certificates, COC homologations,  Mercedes-Benz certificate, VW Accredited Converter certificate also guarantee the highest quality of vehicle conversion, transaction safety and after-sales service for our customers. Busprestige has been designated as a VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz, it meets the standards in the areas of quality, sales and after-sales services which Mercedes-Benz Vans imposes on body manufactures in the field of individual body solutions.

We are the undisputed leader in the buses and minibuses sector of the automotive market. Busprestige offers modern interior bus equipment and extensive vehicle modifications using the newest and safest solutions, making sure the your customers have a comfortable journey. We use the newest technological solutions for vehicles modification. We guarantee our clients:

  • modern, exclusive bus construction,
  • buses in Limited Edition,
  • short order delivery time,
  • warranty extension.

We hold EU approvals in accordance with Directive 2007/46 / EC in vehicle configurations N1/N2/M1/M2/M3.

Busprestige has European approvals in accordance with Directive 2007/46 / EC. Busprestige issues a COC (Completed Vehicle EC Certificate of Conformity) document that allows you to register your vehicle in the European Union.

Busprestige buses & minibuses – Perfection. Aesthetics. Passion.

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