BP.427 – brand new vehicle in version “BP. Exclusive”

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 BP.Exclusive 19+1+1

Busprestige Elite Manufacturer of Buses & Minibuses
Presenting our bus in “BP.Exclusive” version with seat configuration 19+1+1.
Europe Quality and Design by Busprestige

More info available at the BP.427 page

Vehicle standard:

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter model 519 CDI wheelbase 4325
  • Engine: 3000 ccm diesel (code MG5)
  • Emission level: Euro VI (code MP6)
  • Automatic gearbox 7G Tronic plus (code G42)
  • LED high-performance headlamps (code LG7)
  • Reinforcement suspension stabilization level II (code CB8)
  • Body raised (code CE8)
  • Intelligent tachograph, EU (code JD6)
  • Auxiliary battery (code E2M)
  • Reinforced tires 205/75 R16C (code RG3)
  • Main tank 93 litres (code KB7)
  • Weight vehicle 5.500 kg (code XL4)
  • Body-in-white measures for ECE rollover test (code ZU1)
  • Trailer coupling, rigid coupling head (Q22)
  • Speed limitation 100 km/h, EC (code MD5)

Bus conversion:

Busprestige Saloon Area

  • Thermal and sound isolation, electric installation
  • Reinforced vehicle bus construction R.66 – ECE rollover test
  • Vehicle extension XL (+40 cm)
  • Wood non-slip flooring
  • Lux interior and roof panelling
  • Lux windows pillar panelling
  • Lux driver interior panelling
  • Seat 3P belt, armrest, back table
  • Seat reclining backrest
  • Seat installed on rails
  • Main entry powered front bus door
  • Low entry
  • Entry handrail
  • Saloon roof and wall LED lights
  • Saloon gangway LED lights

Busprestige windows

  • Side windows double glazed, tinted
  • Side windows in factory place extended (full panoramic)

Busprestige A/C system, heating system

  • Driver front A/C for a driver, power 4.5 kW (Mercedes code HH9)
  • Saloon A/C power 11 kW with digital panel (Webasto)
  • Hot-water auxiliary heater power 5kW (Mercedes code H12)
  • Convector hot-water heater in the saloon area

Busprestige multimedia

  • Multimedia: radio/navi/cd/mp3/microphone
  • Loudspeakers in the saloon area
  • Monitor LCD
  • USB sockets (charging)

Busprestige luggage space

  • Saloon head luggage racks with panels
  • The rear boot luggage area
  • Driver box

Busprestige exterior and limited decoration 

  • Painting parts in body colour
  • Chrome wheels package
  • Tuning body kit

Busprestige certificate and warranty

  • Certificate COC 2007/46/EC
  • Certificate Busprestige conversion
  • Mercedes warranty 2 years unlimited mileage
  • Busprestige warranty 2 years unlimited mileage

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