Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 BP.Tourist 19+1+1 Busprestige Elite Manufacturer of Buses & Minibuses
Presenting our new bus in “BP.Tourist” version with seat configuration 19 passengers + 1 pilot + 1 driver.
Europe Quality and Design by Busprestige

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 BP.Tourist 19+1+1 Busprestige Elite Manufacturer of Buses & Minibuses
Presenting our new bus in “BP.Tourist” version with seat configuration 19 passengers + 1 pilot + 1 driver.
Europe Quality and Design by Busprestige

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Exclusive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter passenger van 8+1 seat.  Busprestige Elite Manufacturer of Buses & Minibuses Presenting our new van in “BP.BUSINESS  Van” version with seat configuration 8 passenger + 1 driver. Europe Quality and Design by Busprestige

Vehicle standard:

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 319 CDI
  • Engine type: diesel
  • Engine capacity: 3000 cm
  • Power net 140 kW | 190 HP
  • Gear box automatic

Bus conversion:

  • Brand New Van in version BP.Business VAN
  • Regular side windows
  • Exclusive VIP Seat: 8 + 1
  • Entry: side sliding door
  • Heating system
  • Exhaust [...]

The new electric Crafter

Volkswagen has begun mass production of the electric version of Crafter. The manufacturer revealed that the vehicle had been submitted for testing by customers from the UK, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands before the start of the project. The results of this experience have influenced how the final vehicle model was designed. E-Crafter is great on the road. A large number of security systems make it possible to manoeuvre freely in the city. It is also worth to mention the batteries placed on the floor. Thanks to them, the centre of gravity of the car is low, which has a positive effect on its stable behaviour when turning. Another reason for buying e-Crafter are lower operating costs, taking the total use of the vehicle into account. The vehicle has far [...]

Limo Van in Xmas Edition designed by Busprestige Design Studio

Busprestige Design Studio – Buses are our passion. We are constantly developing our buildings and therefore the Busprestige Design Studio creates modern buses, minibuses and commercial vehicles. Our conceptual concepts of buses commonly known as busconcept are transformed into real bus constructions. Modern design creates details, an interesting combination of fabrics and materials, while the whole bus development must meet the requirements of functionality and comfort of passengers. The Busprestige Design Studio is able to realize for the customer each individual order for building the vehicle, starting from discussing the client’s vision, consulting, developing a graphic design of the vehicle and its interior to the final result in the form of a dream, unique vehicle.

Busprestige Design Studio – [...]
mercedes bus superior
Presseartikel & Video BUSworld Expo 2019 Brüssel – Messe Zusammenfassung

Die Firma Busprestige hat zum vierten Mal an der Ausstellung der Busworld Messe teilgenommen, und wir haben im Auftrag des polnischen Kleinbusherstellers einen Film von dieser Veranstaltung vorbereitet. In diesem Jahr zeigte der Hersteller zwei Kleinbusse auf Basis vom Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, und das Motto für die diesjährige Messe war: „Busse sind unsere Leidenschaft“.

Busprestige – Busse sind unsere Leidenschaft

Dieses Motto ist genau mit der Mission der Firma Busprestige verbunden. Wir sind der Meinung, dass die Auswahl des neuen Standorts in Brüssel durch den Veranstalter absolut getroffen ist. In den Gesprächen mit unseren Kunden schätzten alle die gute logistische Verbindung so wie auch die nähe zum Brüsseler Flughafen und die umfangreichen Hotel Angebote in Brüssel. Diese Aspekte hatten einen wichtigen Einfluss [...]

Press & Video Busprestige Busworld Summary

The Busprestige company has taken part in Busworld Europe exhibition for the fourth time, and we have prepared a movie from this event on the order of polish minibus producer. This year they showed two minibuses based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and their motto for the exhibition was as follows: “buses are our passion”. The motto is precisely connected with mission of the Busprestige company. –“We assess that the organizer’s choice of new location is absolutely accurate. In conversations our customers appreciated logistic convenience, closeness of the airport and wide array of hotels in Brussels. All those aspects had important influence on the success and satisfaction of the customers and exhibitors of the Busworld Europe – says Piotr Komosinski, the co-owner of Busprestige. –“For our company the exhibition has been extremely successful. New location of Busworld exhibition in the capital of the Europe is a challenge and obligation to be [...]

Firma Busprestige już po raz czwarty uczestniczyła w targach Busworld Europe.

Czytaj więcej:

W tym roku polski producent pokazał w Brukseli dwa minibusy na bazie Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, a mottem firmy na tegoroczną imprezę brzmiało: “buese are our passion”. To motto jest ściśle związane z misją firmy Busprestige. -“Oceniamy, że wybór nowej lokalizacji targów przez organizatora Busworld w Brussel Expo był bardzo trafny. W rozmowach wszyscy nasi klienci wysoko cenili ułatwienia logistyczne, bliskość portu lotniczego w Brukseli oraz szerokie zaplecze hotelowe w Brukseli. To wszystko składa się na sukces i zadowolenie klientów i wystawców tegorocznych targów Busworld – podkreśla Piotr Komosiński, współwłaściciel Busprestige. – Dla nas to były bardzo udane targi. Nowe miejsce, nowa lokalizacja targów Busworld w stolicy Europy jest wyzwaniem i jednocześnie [...]

The Pomeranian company Busprestige is participating in the Busworld Europe fair for the fourth time.

This year, the Polish manufacturer will show two minibuses based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. – “We have been an active participant in Busworld since 2013. Our motto for the Belgian exhibition is” Buses are our passion “.

We invite you to our stand at hall 8 – stand 856. See you there! – says Piotr Komosiński, co-owner of Busprestige. Shown at Busworld buses are the premiere versions: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 516 with BP.Rban body with a capacity of 19 passenger seats + 1 remote control + 1 driver Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 with BP. Exclusive with a capacity of 16 passenger seats + 1 driver 15 years in the Busprestige industry to Polish body company, which has existed since 2005. [...]

Busprestige invites you to our stand no. 856 in Brussel

Busprestige elite manufacturer of Buses and Minibuses.

We offer bespoke buses using panel van Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter, Iveco, TGE MAN panel vans in configurations of 6 to 24 pax.


“BP TOURIST” buses are a tourist version, designed for international routes, mainly including tours. They feature economical drive units for vehicles and comfortable interior finishes as well as comfortable seats.

Busprestige is a leader in the production of buses and minibuses on the European market. We are a company with traditions dating back to 2005. Our bus vehicle modifications are characterized by high quality and innovation. According to the mission of the Busprestige company, the most important for us is customer satisfaction and trust are of utmost importance. We advise our clients on the [...]

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