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The mission of the Busprestige company is to provide satisfaction with the products and services we offer. In our activity, we are guided by the pursuit of excellence and providing our clients with products and services of the highest quality. We offer a wide range of products in the form of buses and buses for school transport, intercity and international transport, and Busprestige luxury constructions. We make a luxury building of buses, and also have ready models of exclusive buses and buses. We offer not only the highest quality products, but also a wide range of additional services that meet the expectations of our customers.

Busprestige is the sale of passenger coaches of the best brands
The renowned passenger vehicle manufacturers appreciated our commitment and professionalism, distinguishing us with the elite title of Van Partner of Mercedes-Benz. We have also become an authorized partner of the Volkswagen AG brand, which guarantees the buyer the security of transactions. We offer a wide selection of rebuilt luxury buses, as well as make buses on request. The aforementioned reconstruction includes body lifting, as well as the assembly of the full interior equipment of the vehicle, ensuring adequate travel comfort.
We set the standards on the market of exclusive buses and commercial vehicles.
Due to the fact that we constantly improve the level of our products and services, we have become the leader in the commercial vehicle industry in the bus class. We care about its development, which is why we are constantly introducing new solutions and setting trends. What is important, the made bus adaptations are in line with the Polish Standard as well as the European ISO standard. In our buildings we assemble components of renowned companies that have homologations and certificates guaranteeing the highest level of safety and a guarantee of long-term use of vehicles. We invite you to cooperation.


  • The security of buildings and transactions is confirmed by the elite VanPartner certificate by Mercedes-Benz.Ne

  • Modern bus conversion

  • Competitive price

  • High standard of bus conversion

  • The warranty period corresponding to the guarantee of the base car.

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The Busprestige company offers its clients comprehensive assistance in choosing the most advantageous form of financing for our customers for the purchase of our buses, including leasing, factoring or credit. Flexible financing for the purchase of our vehicles is possible thanks to many years of experience and cooperation with banks and the most reliable companies on the market. Busprestige consultants help in preparing all the formalities related to the selected form of financing the purchase of vehicles. In addition, we guarantee our clients the cheapest package insurance on the OC / AC / NNW market.


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